Dice Roller version 1.0

     Dice Roller version 1.0 is a piece of software which can roll any combination of dice with any number of sides. It also handles open-ended rolls, multiple rolls and combination rolls, as well as dice from many different game systems. The program allows you to create a list of these rolls and save them to disk for use later. Roll sets can be given descriptive names such as "Saving Throw" or "Attack Roll" or "Attribute Base" instead of less meaningful terms like "d100 + -50" or "d20" or "d6 + 6".
     This software is currently in the Beta stage of development, and any comments you might have would be greatly appreciated. You can send comments on this software to the regular DragonSpawn comment page. Simply include a note that this is about the Dice Roller software. We are especially looking for the kind of statistics you'd want to see when the "Test Dice" option is chosen from the menu.


To download the DragonSpawn: Dice Roller (beta) you need:

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