Imagine a world of fantasy, where anything is possible, and where you can be the hero that stories will speak of for ages to come. Imagine a world of dreams where fantastic races and creatures are as common as people are here. This world exists within the game of DragonSpawn.
    DragonSpawn is a fantasy role-playing game system where you create and control a character within a fantasy world. Your character can be a warrior, a wizard, a rogue, or many other things. Your character can even be a combination of any or all of those things. With a completely skills-based system of advancement, your characters can be as varied and fully realized as you'd like them to be.
    And there's no limit on playing only humans. Every race is available as a character. Even monsters are described in the same terms as characters, so with just a little work, you could play a dragon or a vampire as easily as a human.
    With unlimited options, there are unlimited possibilites. DragonSpawn is the first freely available game to allow such a realistic sweep of characters within the game. DragonSpawn is also the first freely available game which is distributed in a press-ready form. There is no difference between the freely available version of the books and those which you could purchase.
    The DragonSpawn role playing game system is available free of charge here on the Internet. It is my strongest hope that it will always remain a free and open game available to anyone with an imagination.
DragonSpawn is Copyright © 1996 - 2022, by Jeffrey R. Naujok. All rights reserved.