The Mystic Arcana Guidebook

     The Mystic Arcana Guidebook is split into two separate "flavors". The player's version is a reference to the various forms of magic available in the DragonSpawn game, and provides some insight into the creation of new spells and the process a player's character must go through to create a magical item.
     The Game Master's version of the Mystic Arcana guidebook provides further information on the system of magic within DragonSpawn and also provides an additional list of spells and magical items for the Game Master. In addition, it introduces the concept of special magic using skills beyond those laid out in the Game Player's guidebook.


To download the DragonSpawn: Mystic Arcana Guidebook you need:

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June 25th, 2001
     In case you haven't noticed it yet, or if you're new to the DragonSpawn web site, the site has been changed to a completely new format, one that is, hopefully, easier to navigate and quicker to use. This page was, of course, one of the pages that changed, thus the update.

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