The Game Player's Guidebook

     The Game Player's Guidebook is the player's reference for DragonSpawn. It includes a general introduction to role playing, and then goes into the details of how to create a character to adenture in the DragonSpawn system. It covers all the areas that players need to be aware of, including attribute scores, money and equipment, skills, advancement and other topics. There are also chapters devoted to encounters and the diverse skills of magecraft.
     The current copy of the Game Player's Guidebook includes a large portion of the information needed to create a character. It adds to that information on monetary systems and skill listings. In addition, short introductions to the remaining chapters have been written, and some of those chapters have workable, if incomplete systems in them.


To download the DragonSpawn: Game Player's Guidebook you need:

Last Update

December 29th, 2022
     Yes, for the first time in nearly 20 years, DragonSpawn is back online. Since Hasbro has decided to do exactly what TSR did back in the mid-nineties and utterly destroy the community, it feels like it may be time for DragonSpawn to make a comeback. So I dug deep into the archives, and restored the web page. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens now.
     Late in the day, I decided to start reformatting the Game Player's Guidebook, especially since there's no such thing as a "Microsoft Word Viewer" download anymore. So, here is a first pass of the book, now with cover art, and in PDF format for easy use.

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