The Game Master's Guidebook

     The Game Master's Guidebook is the Game Master's reference book to the intricacies of DragonSpawn. It provides the GM with information they will need for running a campaign in the DragonSpawn world. This book is not for players, or even for the faint of heart for that matter. But, if you are one of the hardy, or foolhardy souls willing to run the campaign, this is the book you need.
     This book details the various rules that you as the Game Master need to know, but that the player not only shouldn't know, but shouldn't even have a way of knowing. The guidebook also details methods for creating your own campaign worlds. It also has hints on creating adventures that run through many different settings, cities, dungeons, and others, just like a book has many chapters that eventually lead to a sweeping conclusion. There is also a brief section on using DragonSpawn in non-fantasy settings.


To download the DragonSpawn: Game Master's Guidebook you need:

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September 19th, 2000
     In case you haven't noticed it yet, or if you're new to the DragonSpawn web site, the site has been changed to a completely new format, one that is, hopefully, easier to navigate and quicker to use. This page was, of course, one of the pages that changed, thus the update.

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