The Catalog of Dangerous Creatures

    The Catalog of Dangerous Creatures is the Game Master's reference book to the various creatures which plague the adventurer's journeys within the game of DragonSpawn. This compendium provides the Game Master with a list of the official monsters of the game, with stats and details provided for each and every one of those monsters, each detailed in its own section.
     Unlike other role-playing systems, these monsters can have all of the detailed abilities and skills that are normally reserved for the player's character. This allows monsters to have more three-dimensionality then other systems allow for. It also means that the same rules apply for monsters as apply to characters, meaning that there are no separate rules which apply only when a monster is trying to hit a character.
     And by the way, for those of you who like to push the limits of a game, the Dragons live up to their top billing in DragonSpawn. Let's just say that having a character known as a Dragon-Slayer in this world is really something to be proud of.


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